Sri Lanka 


Population: 22,156,000 (2020 est.)
Capital: Colombo
Area: 65,610 km2 (25,330 sq mi))
Language/s: Sinhala, Tamil
Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
Currency: Sri Lankan rupee
Life expectancy: 75.5 years
GSP per Capita: US $13,909
Literacy Rate: 93%

Sri Lanka is a democratic republic and a unitary state which is governed by a semi-presidential system, with a mixture of a presidential system and a parliamentary system. Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Sri Lanka became a plantation economy famous for its production and export of cinnamon, rubber, and Ceylon tea, which remains a trademark national export. The country's main economic sectors are tourism, tea export, clothing, rice production, and other agricultural products. In addition to these economic sectors, overseas employment, especially in the Middle East, contributes substantially in foreign exchange.