Kingdom of Thailand


Monarch: Vajiralongkorn (Rama X)
Population: 66,171,439 (2021 est.)
Capital: Bangkok
Area: 513,120 km2 (198,120 sq mi)
Language: Thai
Religion: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism
Currency: Baht
Life expectancy: 77.3 years
GSP per Capita: US $21,057
Literacy Rate: 98.1% (2015)

Thailand's population is largely rural, concentrated in the rice-growing areas of the central, northeastern and northern regions. About 45.7% of Thailand's population lived in urban areas as of 2010, concentrated mostly in and around the Bangkok Metropolitan Area. Thailand is an emerging economy and is considered a newly industrialised country. Thailand had a 2017 GDP of US$1.236 trillion (on a purchasing power parity basis). Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia.

The economy of Thailand is heavily export-dependent, with exports accounting for more than two-thirds of gross domestic product (GDP). Thailand exports over US$105 billion worth of goods and services annually. Major exports include cars, computers, electrical appliances, rice, textiles and footwear, fishery products, rubber, and jewelry.