Invitation to MEFIN events in Nepal


Making theory into practice is the call for action agreed upon by the Mutual Exchange Forum for Inclusive Insurance (MEFIN) countries during the February 5 MEFIN Operational Planning Workshop. This is what we will enhance during various events in Kathmandu Nepal between 3 and 12 of May. Through the participation of the Department of Finance-National Credit Council (DOF-NCC) of the Philippines, we want to bring good practices of the Philippines and the experience of GIZ RFPI Asia in other countries to Nepal by way of peer-to-peer exchange.

From May 3 to 5 a Prototype Product Development workshop will be offered for the Microinsurance (MI) Technical committee in Nepal. This first workshop is followed by an MI Advocacy Workshop on May 6 and 7 with the same participants. We will talk about how target key stakeholders for MI advocacy are identified, how core advocacy messages for each stakeholder are formulated and how an MI advocacy plan is developed.

On May 8, a Seminar on Risk Based Supervision will be held by Rodolfo Wehrhahn (independent consultant) in the morning followed by a Roundtable Discussion with Insurance Supervisors of SAARC and MEFIN countries in the afternoon.

On May 10 and 11, after the SAARC conference, you are kindly invited to join the Regional Training on Microinsurance Product Development and Microinsurance Advocacy which aims at discussing elements and processes in developing MI prototype products as well as pricing methodologies and features of microinsurance policy contracts. You will understand the importance of MI advocacy with various stakeholders and each MEFIN country will formulate key advocacy messages for various stakeholders.

Finally, May 12 brings MEFIN countries and the RFPI program team together for the Operational Plan Review and the Re-planning Meeting. The objective is to document the progress of implementation of the operational plan, discuss the capacity building plan and to identify impact areas of MI as it relates to the interventions that have been provided so far by RFPI program.

We kindly ask you to check the description of the events for more detailed information about learning objectives, target audience, travel and accommodation.

Please use the registration form provided in order to register to the events that apply to you.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nepal.

Yours Sincerely,

Antonis Malagardis
Program Director GIZ RFPI Asia