MEFIN Group of Experts

Name Country and Organization Field of Expertise Email Address Remarks
Alis Subiyantoro Indonesia - OJK Business models, prudential supervision, microtakaful Available in 2015. Awaiting confirmation from Muchlas/OJK
Rina Cacti Indonesia - OJK Prudential supervision, microtakaful Awaiting confirmation from Muchlas/OJK
Kundan Sapkota Nepal - Beema Samiti Microinsurance, agriculture insurance For confirmation by BS
Susil Dev Subedi Nepal - Beema Samiti Product development Recommmended by Kunda Sapkota & for confirmation by BS
Ganbold Sodnom Mongolia - FRC MSME, livestock insurance Confirmed
Purevjav Tserendejid Mongolia- FRC Integrating ICPs in legal frameworks Recommended by Ganbold Sodnom
Javkhlant Batmunkh Mongolia - FRC Reinsurance, casualty insurance Recommended by Ganbold Sodnom
Joseph Villanueva Philippines – IC To be determined Based on attendance to regional trainings. To be contacted.
Tran Thi Thu Houng Vietnam – Insurance Development Division Distribution channels, evaluation and supervision For follow up
Jessada Wannakhejorn Thailand - OIC ICPs, inclusive insurance For follow up