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GIZ launches MEFIN Network and RFPI II Asia

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 20 January – After a successful implementation of the Regulatory Framework Promotion of Pro-poor Insurance Markets in Asia Program (RFPI Asia), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) approved the funding and implementation of a second phase of this regional program. RFPI Asia II was formally launched during the meeting of regulators from the six countries comprising the Mutual Exchange Forum on Inclusive Insurance (MEFIN), namely: Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam. Thailand, the seventh member, was not able to attend.

In his welcome address during the opening program, GIZ Vietnam Country Director Jochem Lange shared that RFPI has effected improvements in the regulatory framework and supervision systems which strongly contributes to poverty reduction. He added that while trying to replicate good practices, RFPI Asia II will focus on producing sustainable outcomes to ensure a long-term improvement of the access to insurance for low-income people. Mr. Lange also discussed about the aim to build up a mutual beneficial exchange between the regional RFPI program and the GIZ country offices and projects.

GIZ Vietnam Country Director Jochem Lange welcomes the participants and informs them of the aim to build up a mutual beneficial exchange between the regional RFPI program and GIZ country offices and projects.

The meeting and launching event was highlighted with a number of agreements, such as the setting up of the MEFIN Network and the establishment of a Regional Steering Committee (RSC) within the network. The RSC mainly sets the strategic direction of the network in terms of policies and guidelines.

Four Regional Technical Working Groups were also set up to respond to the concerns on Regulation and Supervision, Business Models, Capacity Building, and Knowledge Management. GIZ RFPI II serves as the Secretariat of the network.

The Manila-based RFPI II started on 01 January 2016 and will end on 31 December 2018.

Participants from six Asian countries pose for cooperation during the MEFIN network meeting and launching of RFPI II Asia.