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GIZ-RFPI Asia Joins ASEAN Heads in Financial Inclusion Dialogue

ASEAN financial leaders in Jakarta today will put into rounds of dialogue the concerns and challenges for "ONE ASEAN in 2015" with borderless financial integration towards inclusive growth.

The Asian Development Bank Institute and Indonesia Ministry of Finance collaborated event entitled "Managing Financial Integration and Inclusion in ASEAN: Opportunities and Challenges" hosted in Hotel Borubudur-Jakarta, Indonesia, will encourage substantive discussion on ASEAN financial integration and inclusion issues among policymakers and key stakeholders.

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Integrated ASEAN region shows potential with a population of 600 million, a $2 trillion GDP and good growth prospects raising its profile among investors all over the world.

Dr. Antonis Malagardis, GIZ- RFPI Asia program director will speak before ASEAN senior government officials and financial advisors in the session on Role of Microinsurance in Promoting Financial Inclusion.

Dr. Malagardis presentation on RFPI Asia’s program initiatives on inclusive insurance in MEFIN (Mutual Exchange Forum on Inclusive Insurance) partner countries is one of the highlights for discussion. RFPI Asia has worked closely with regulators on MI regulations in Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia and Nepal. Dr. Malagardis will share the RFPI Asia best practices and key learnings based on market studies in key thematic areas – agriculture, MSMEs and microtakaful. The 2.5 hour-session will bring to the table the discussions on the role of microinsurance as an alternative solution to provide financial services to the poor. It will also examine recent initiatives in the region to promote microinsurance, implications to inclusive growth, and international best practices based on experiences of countries with more advanced microinsurance programs.

To access Dr. Malagardis’ presentation, please click here.

At the end of the 2 day dialogue, participants will put together, among others, concrete policy recommendations for promoting the benefits of deeper, more inclusive and more integrated financial markets, and the strategies to ensure successful financial integration and inclusion agenda in each ASEAN country.

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