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Insurance Regulators and Insurance Industry Players in Asia Discuss if Digitalization is a Threat or an Enabler for Inclusive Insurance

The MEFIN Network organizes the 4TH MEFIN Public Private Dialogue for Inclusive Insurance on 23 and 24 January 2018 at the Discovery Primea in Makati City, Philippines. The Mutual Exchange Forum on inclusive Insurance (MEFIN Network) is a network of insurance regulatory authorities and industry players in Asia working for a peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and experiences. There are currently seven member-regulators of the MEFIN Network namely: OJK Indonesia, FRC Mongolia, Beema Samiti Nepal, SECP Pakistan, IC Philippines, IBSL Sri Lanka, MoF-ISA Vietnam.

The Public private dialogue (PPD) on microinsurance or inclusive insurance is one of the platforms of the MEFIN Network to have peer-to-peer learning among insurance regulators. The PPD provides opportunity both to the regulators and the insurance industry to exchange knowledge and discuss issues and solutions in further developing the market of microinsurance in its respective jurisdictions. The PPD is conducted twice a year.

Various topics are covered in the PPDs. The PPD1 in Manila (July 2016) focused on Proportionality practices in regulation. The PPD2 in Hanoi (March 2017) discussed regulatory practices and business models on MicroHealth and Disaster Risk Insurance. The PPD3 in Ulaanbaatar (September 2017) emphasized insurance value chain and SMEs.

This bi-annual event is supported by the GIZ Regulatory Framework Promotion of Pro-poor Insurance Markets in Asia (RFPI Asia II) Project, which serves as Secratariat to the MEFIN Network. GIZ RFPI Asia contributes to the improvement of access to insurance by building capacities for insurance regulation and supervision and promoting development of innovative insurance solutions for the low-income people. It is currently working in Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam is based in the Philippines.

The MEFIN PPD this year will also be attended by local insurance industry players, insurance regulators and relevant government agencies in the country.